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Carbon Copy

Carbon Copy is a feature-rich constraint-based clone system built for VRChat users. Its features are entirely customizable and modular while optimizing parameter memory, and can be installed with one-click without any VRChat 3.0 or advanced Unity experience whatsoever!

System Features:

  • Drag and drop setup - works with any humanoid avatar
  • Dynamically position your Mimic clone without resetting using Confirm
  • Supports 3 different Mirror clone modes - Standard, Radial, and Vertical
  • Independently control the visibility of yourself or your clone with Invis, Hide and Swap
  • Freeze your clone in place, or simulate lag on it by dropping its FPS
  • Pick up, grab, or bind your clone to different parts of your body
  • Pass your clone like a spring-joint ball between your hands or orbiting around your body
  • Scale your clone up or down and control the proportion of its movement
  • On-screen toggleable HUD icons for most features
  • Toggleable Gesture/Jutsu control to swiftly use core features
  • And MORE features not listed here!

Unity Tool Features:

  • Supports setting up multiple clones ඞඞ
  • Can replicate your lip-sync visemes to your clone
  • Can automatically copy all animations to your clone Automatic Write Defaults detection and compatibility with both on/off
  • Up to 28/29 (96%) of the menu options fit within 8 memory!
  • One-click removal
  • And MORE features not listed here!

+ Full documentation, FAQ, issue tracker and feature requests on GitHub
+ Speedrun and Full Setup Overview via Unity Installation Guide Video
+ In-depth In-Game Usage Tutorial Video

Full Documentation

When purchasing, you may enter your Discord Username (Username + Tag) which will appear on the tool. You can also receive a role in my server and access the product's channel for update details, discussions and suggestions.


You may purchase the Standard license and decide to upgrade to the Commercial license at a later date with no extra cost by contacting Dreadrith#3238.



Model provided by eggyu#4097.

In-Game Demo:

Installation Speedrun:

Detailed Installation:

Terms and Conditions

This license is valid for ONE purchaser, personal and private use only unless commercial license is purchased. By purchasing this product, you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

For support and other inquiries, please reach out to me on my Discord Server and open a ticket.

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Last updated Jul 4, 2023

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Carbon Copy

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