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IMPORTANT: The tool requires a license key and is a DLL. You'll find your license key through product's content view or entered e-mail.

License is valid for ONE device, transferable.
Now compatible with Windows 11!
Incompatible with Mac and Linux.

Controller Editor will make your work with anything controller related just a breeze! Save yourself the tediousness and the time wasted on repetitively doing the same thing with the convenience of this tool!

Controller Editor adds easy to use functions to the animator window and has many features to make it all easy.

Some of the best features:


  • Multi-Edit Transitions Settings and Conditions.
  • Set newly created Transitions' default settings.
  • Copy/Paste Transition Settings and Conditions.
  • Easily duplicate Transitions to change their Source or Destination.
  • Variety of functions to create the transitions you need such as: Reverse Transition, Flip Conditions Mode, Separate/Merge Conditions.


  • Quickly and Easily connect many and multiple states together with MultiTransitioning mode.
  • Set newly created States' default settings.
  • Instantly pack states or unpack statemachines.
  • Drag and Drop motions onto states to replace their motions.
  • Easily select transitions going In, Out or Shared among the selected states.
  • (VRChat) Multi-Edit Avatar Parameter Drivers Parameters.
  • (VRChat) Multi-Edit Tracking Control Behaviours.


  • Duplicate Layers or Copy them to another controller.
  • Instantly Build Masks for the controller or any layer.
  • Instantly Replace Parameters names (Parameter Drivers supported).
  • Easily Manage Write Defaults.
  • Manage Controllers by adding and using tags.
  • Disables Layer view Scroll reset after edits.
  • Find controller by clicking its path label.


  • Displays the motion's name and type on the states.
  • Change the color of transitions, states and statemachines.
  • Change the color of the graph's grid and background.
  • Put an image as the background of the graph.

And a bunch more!

Read more on the Github

Controller Editor has an Auto-Updater to notify you about newer versions and allow you to update easily.

When purchasing, you may enter your Discord Username (Username + Tag) which will appear on the tool and to receive a role in my server and access the product's channel for update details, discussions and suggestions.

Controller Editor Utilizes 0harmony

By purchasing, you agree to the following Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Terms of Use:

  • Do NOT redistribute any of the files in this package.
  • Do NOT claim as your own.
  • Do NOT attempt to de-obfuscate, disassemble, or find the source code of the scripts.
  • Products will be updated and supported for as long as possible, but I am not liable for any changes made by Unity or VRChat that deprecate features or functionality via software/game updates.
  • I am not liable for any damage caused by the misuse of the script.

Breaking the terms of use of any product will have product access revoked, and any active licenses/subscriptions terminated without refund.

I reserve the right to refuse/refund service and blacklist users without appeal. Reasons for such may include but are not limited to:

  • Practicing or promoting misbehavior, toxicity and malicious activity
  • Affiliation with malicious parties
  • Suspicious activity or account history

Violations of these terms will result in immediate blacklisting, termination of service, and possibly other legal action.

Unreasonable chargebacks will result in blacklisting and termination of associated licenses. Please contact me if you wish to refund.

Privacy Policy

Only information provided through this product's purchase is collected.
The tool will provide our database with a Hash* from hardware IDs to proceed with Licensing and Authorization.
All information collected is for the sake of tool functionality and customer support.
Hash: A unique combination of text with one way generation from a given input. A hash can't be reverted back to the original input.

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